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Seeing further in a confusing world

We are going through tough times and chances are that the future will bring more challenges. Humanity has to find solutions on a global scale, from climate change to an increasing scarcity of natural resources – and we have to find them soon.

In difficult situations people have always turned to role models and elders to learn from the wisdom of those who came before them. Role models are important in any culture.

Having someone whom you can admire and whose example you can follow can be a valuable inspiration. Even the most capable leaders and innovators look up to others. Sir Isaac Newton, the famous scientist, explained the importance of role models with the following words:

„If I have seen further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.“

Role Models help us to overcome advsitiy and to find solutions. Parents, teachers, friends and relatives are an inspiration for some people. Others look up to global leaders and well-known personalities like Pope Francis, the Dalai Lama, Steve Jobs or Malala Youzafzai.
I had the priviledge of meeting the Dalai Lama and writing a book about his dialogues with young people. When he was a teenager, the Dalai Lama became the head of state of Tibet and had to carry an enourmous responsibility. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his nonviolent resistance against the chinese invasion of Tibet. In his encouters with youth he passes on some of his outstanding knowledge and experience to the generation oft he 21st century.
My book „Kinder sprechen mit dem Dalai Lama – wie wir eines bessere Welt erschaffen“ (The Dalai Lama’s dialogues with youth) has just come out in a paperback edition at Heyne. You can order it here. The book is also available in French, Korean, Japanese and Chinese translations.

Kinder sprechen mit dem Dalai Lama von Claudia Rinke

Kinder sprechen mit dem Dalai Lama von Claudia Rinke

Dezember 5, 2016
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