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Messi and the refugee boy

How does it feel to live forcibly displaced for more than 40 years in a region of the Western Sahara which is called the ”Devils Garden” and to keep on hoping that someone, somewhere might care enough to help? The refugee camps around Tindouf in Algeria have been tormented for more than a year by heavy rains and storms leaving thousands of people homeless.

The 11 years old Said Hassanna says about his situation and dreams: “I live in the Smara refugee camp and study at Balla primary school. My dream job is to be a school principal. I like it because my mom is a principal and seeing her helping other kids to learn has made me want to do the same when I grow up.

We Saharawis have been deprived from our homeland for 40 years and

I think we deserve more attention than Messi or soccer do.”


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