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The Dalai Lama – Why Nationalism is Dangerous

We live together on this planet on different levels: the first level is build by humanity as a whole. I am one of seven billion people on this planet. If we all live together peacefully, everybody benefits.

On the second level I identify with being Buddhist, Asian and Tibetan. That is very good. We just have to be aware that sometimes there is a conflict between the first and the second level. In these events the second level  has to step back. It is less important. The whole of humanity is more important.

Many problems occur, because we give national interests priority over global interests. That is not good. Nationalism is very dangerous. 200 years ago this might have worked, because a war or other violent conflict could be restricted to one region. Today we are so dependent from each other and interconnected that a war is very dangerous. It puts everything and everybody at risk.

This text is an excerpt from the book “Kinder sprechen mit dem Dalai Lama – wie wir eine bessere Welt erschaffen” by Claudia Rinke.

Photo Credit: Ana Druga

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