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Rebranding Africa – Waridi Schrobsdorff and fa254

Africa is beautiful. A continent with creative people, vibrant cities, vast landscapes and promising opportunities. Whereas the public eye mainly focuses on Africa’s problems, trendsetters from around the globe flock to Africa to discover emerging talents and connect with the lively, strong vibes and colours.

Our goal is to change people’s minds. We want to make people curious and to understand, why Africa is the future. We are doing our part within the global political movement of changing minds,

says Waridi Schrobsdorff who grew up as a nomad girl from a muslim family in Kenya and came to Europe to live her dream of achieving a career in the fashion industry and making a difference as a woman. She has been working as a model for more than 24years and has been an ambassador for many charity projects such as UNICEF and the Peter Ustinov Foundation.

Waridi founded her international social business “Fashion Africa 254” in 2013: 2 is the code for this emerging and fascinating continent, 54 is the number of countries to be discovered. FA254 aims to enhance the development of fashion and design industries in Africa and strengthen  local markets, as well as supporting the exchange of African fashion and design and Europe. As a Berlin/Nairobi based company they scout, train and promote outstanding fashion talents in Africa. FA254 connects them with top fashion companies in Germany and other countries.

One connection between Europe and Africa was the competition “African Designer for Tomorrow”. Supported by eBay, Waridi Schrobsdorff, her team and an international jury choose their favorite designer Doreen Mashika from Zansibar. “African Designer for Tomorrow” is the first international platform to give emerging African designers a chance to enter the European market. FA254 has already collaborated with eBay, Monoqi, Urbanara, Esmod Berlin and Vogue.

Waridi Schrobsdorff hopes to encourage especially the young generation to believe in themselves. She has just published the book Mtindo (Swahili word for style) and portrayed ten young creative talents from country of her birth Kenya. The photos were taken by the Daniele Tamagni.

For the new generation being creative means freedom. It means being able to choose the life you desire and working every day to produce that life,

explains Waridi Schrobsdorff the choices for her book and continues “Africa is rising – Africa is now!”

GLOBAL STORIES will follow the lives of these designers beginning with Sky Decor from Nairobi. Sky Decor was founded by two childhood friends, Samuel Omondi and Khan Key, who recycle aeroplanes into unique handcrafted furniture. Our work is inspired by the free spirit of flight and is about liberty and self expression.


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