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Mongolia – Geneva – New York

„If you do it right – it will last forever!“ was the motto of this years Ethical Fashion Show which takes place during the Fashion Week in Berlin. I interviewed Nyamgerel Ganbat from Mongolia, who presented her cashmere and yak collection “Uujin”. The mongolian company is interesting for the various ways it connects and cooperates – globally and nationally..


“Uujin” is a family owned business and several generations are involved. The company was founded in 1995 by Nyamgerel’s mother who still designs most of the collection made of cashmere and yakdown. The first piece of knitwear the mother produced was a little red dress for her daughter Nyamgerel. She used a knitting machine that was given to her by her husband.

“Uujin” is rooted in the mongolian tradition – it’s name describes a traditional mongolian dress – and produces natural and organic clothing for 21st century international markets.The family owns several herds of cashmere goats and yak and the animals roam around freely in the mongolian highlands. All products are sourced, produced and distributed under fair conditions.


An important international connection for “Uujin” is the International Trade Center (ITC) which supported the mongolian company’s participation in the Berlin Fashion Week. The ITC is the joint agency of the World Trade Organization and the United Nations, fostering inclusive and sustainable economic development, and contributing to the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development. ITC works towards creating ‘trade impact for good’. “Uujin” was invited to participate in ITC’s Women and Trade programme which supports female entrepreneurs in increasing their business through global trade. The innovative global app ITC #SheTrades  aims to help at least 1 Million Women Entrepreneurs entering new markets by 2020.

New York

ITC introduced Uujin to Parsons School of design in New York who became an important partner for the design of products for international markets and helped them to create cutting edge sustainable collections.


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