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Global Generation

The “Global Generation” are young people, who were born after the year 2001. They feel a strong connection with the Rest of the world and prefer to be called “citizens of Planet Earth”. They are connected through the Internet and Social Media and their values are based on international trends and movements. Very likely they will live and work in our foreign country during their lifetimes.

Claudia Rinke offers consulting services, talks and workshops about the following topics:

  • What does it mean to grow up in a globalised World? Why is the global Generation so Important?
  • How can the young generation be prepared for the challenges of the future?
  • How can the global generation be involved in decision-making processes?
  • What is the current state regarding intergenerational justice and how could this be improved?

Consulting and Speaking

Claudia Rinke consults and speaks about all issues concerning the Global Generation.

We all do better, when we work together. Our differences do matter, but our common humanity matters more. – Bill Clinton

Invite Claudia Rinke to speak:


The world is young. Almost 45 Percent of he worlds population is younger than 25 – almost 3 billion people. An increasingly globalized economy and society is therefore putting pressure on education to „globalise“ and to prepare the young generation for the challenges of the