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Contemporary Africa: Be inspired by the new generation

Africa is booming; especially the creative industries like music and fashion. This is also due to Africa‘s amazing people.

Bridges don’t fall from the sky. They don’t rise from the ground. People build them. (Eboo Patel)

Connie Aluoch who is an internationally renowned Kenyan fashion stylist has known since her teens that she wanted to be a famous name in the fashion industry. Since her father is a medical doctor, he might have been hoping, that his youngest daughter would follow his footsteps. He soon gave up on this idea, when he looked at her science-grades in school. „There is no doctor here“, he understood. Ever since Connie’s parents have supported her fashion career.

After a diploma in Fashion Design in Kenya she moved to New York, where she studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology and later also got a degree from Instituto Maragoni from Milan. It only took her a couple of years to become an International faculty member of this famous fashion-school.

She now lives in Nairobi and enthusiastically says about the opportunities in her home country:

We are part of making history in Kenya. Our time is now!

Connie is a trendsetter and style-guru in Kenya and her advise is sought after by celebrities and public figures. She teaches at the School of Art and Design at the University of Nairobi. „Fashion is a great and fulfilling career“ she says. „But you have stay focused and humble.“

As a builder of bridges Connie Aluoch represented her home country Kenya and Africa as a whole at the Berlin Fashion Week 2017 and participated in FA254‘s panel discussion on „Style Movers rebranding Africa“.


April 25, 2017
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