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Claudia Rinke – writing for the global generation

Claudia Rinke is a global citizen. She lived and worked on four continents as a lawyer with International Law Firms and the United Nations (in Sub-Saharan Africa and New York).

In her books for young adults she raises questions like “What does it mean to grow up in a globalized world?”  and “What are the challenges for the generation of the 21st century and how could they be solved?” In a time of escalating violence and international upheaval Claudia Rinke focuses on what unites us as human beings  – our common humanity. “Dont we all just want to be happy?” “What makes a good life in an increasingly interconnected world?” Her books are thought provoking and inspire positive action.

Claudia Rinke’s first book for young adults “Tomorrow’s better World  – the Dalai Lama speaks with children” (“Kinder sprechen mit dem Dalai Lama – wie wir eine bessere Welt erschaffen”) was published in 2015 by C.H. Beck in Munich/Germany and will be published as a paperback by Heyne (Randomhouse) in 2016.

It was named as one of the best books for children and young adults in 2015 by Stiftung Buchkunst and was nominated for the prestigious Gustav Heinemann Award in 2015. The book is currently being translated into several languages including Chinese.

Claudia Rinke currently lives in Berlin/Germany and New York/USA.


Stories matter. Stories are how we make sense of the world. – Laurie Penny


The world is young. Almost 45 Percent of he worlds population is younger than 25 – almost 3 billion people. An increasingly globalized economy and society is therefore putting pressure on education to „globalise“ and to prepare the young generation for the challenges of the