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An Artist will save the World

Ana and Iraida are creatives, who use their talents and passion to link different cultures and traditions. They are both of Romanian origin and have lived abroad for many years. Ana is a photographer and based in Berlin. Iraida is a designer, living in Shanghai. Since creativity is such a strong driving force for them, they are convinced “The world will be saved by an artist!”. Iraida explains the importance of a global mindset, especially for creatives:

We enhance our spirits while we listen to the stories of our Chinese or Brazilian or German or French or Italian friends. We got more appetite for foods of different tastes and colors and we learn how to smile with the heart while we are taking pictures of the children of the world in India, Philippines, China, Brazil, Mexico, Japan and all over Europe.

Four years ago Ana and Iraida formed a worldwide collaboration of creatives, which develops joint exhibitions and events, despite the long distances between them. Their current exhibition “HYPERBOREAN FOLKLORE “ takes place in their home country Romania at IFashionFactor Studio in Câmpina by Bukarest. For this event they translated the traditions and cultures of their ancestors into up to-date fashion designs with a touch of “fusion”.


October 10, 2016
Mission Statement
October 18, 2016
The Dalai Lama – Why Nationalism is Dangerous